The Tsunami

As seen in the American Handgunner 2002 Annual

As seen in the American Handgunner 2002 Annual

I am very proud of this gun's design. Certainly it is unique. More importantly it is extremely effective. Like everything the best things are a collaboration of minds, skills and art. The "wave" started out as one of my cohort's thought processes and together we evolved it into this final form. I am blessed to work with such creative men. The "wave" ended up more than I think either of us ever thought it might be. This gun is ONLY built on the best frames and a bald Caspian slide. The "wave's" texture and "gripability" needs to be felt to be appreciated. It will approximate 25 lpi checkering with the durability of a smooth front strap. There is the added benefit of having nothing to hang up in concealed carry.

After testing and shooting almost every current grip texture in production, I think the "WAVE" is as innovative as hand cut, sharp, 20 and 30 lpi checkering was 40 years ago. I don't make that claim easily or as a hyped marketing claim. That is my perspective as an end user of a fighting firearm. To cosmetically match the "wave" we have also added a similar texture on the cocking grooves of the slide. Which is also more effective than the typical vertical cocking serrations. (Although the "wave" is available applied to your smooth frame separately as shown to the left.)

Nowlin, CMC, or Kimber frame
Caspian slide
WAVE texture on the front strap, back strap and cocking serrations
BCP ignition system
BCP solid, hard use, trigger
Or the BCP match trigger with set screw
BCP beavertail
BarSto barrel
Heinie style sights
AFTEC extractor
Caspian ejector
Caspian firing pin and stop
Brown thumb safety (ambi or single)
Standard or slightly oversize serrated mag release
Colt recoil system
Wolfe springs
Hex head grip and mag release screws
Your choice of BCP presentation wood or BCP double diamond Micarta grips
Metal finish of your choice, which includes Bodycoate's Boron Carbide, Metaloy's Hard Chrome, or Blue.

Complete gun on your frame is $4000.

Package includes a presentation case, a BCP/Alessi holster of your choice, six 8 round mags and a copy of Tom Given's excellent book "FIGHTING SMARTER".

A small note of trivia: In the summer of 1986 Jay Koopsen and I did a new multi pitch climb in Northern Idaho, on a rock spire called Chimney Rock. At the time of our first ascent it was one of the more difficult crack climbs in the Northwest. I am extremely proud of this 1st ascent. The name of the climb is "TSUNAMI", as described in "IDAHO ROCK", by Randal Green, 1987.

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