Tools of the Trade

I get many requests for comments not only on the guns I build but on other gear as well. The recent addition of the holster page and photo gallery is a direct result of those questions and comments.

The subjects I most get quizzed about are guns, leather, and knives. The training issues are going to be addressed at a entirely different web site, Look for it soon.

So I have the gun and leather programs covered to my satisfaction. Knives are coming in a review form and with a photo gallery. I will have limited models available for my customers or can steer you to someone who does. I will only stock what I think are THE exceptional tools.

The one thing everyone misses is the CELL PHONE. If you carry a gun as a civilian you need a cell phone. Most will work on 911 with no service charges. You should look into it if you are serious about your own personal security.

Check out the knife and holster reviews and the photo galleries.


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