Lightweight Government Concealed Packages

This package has been discontinued.


The first lightweight steel gun. 5 years old, used hard and holding up well!

I do two special variants of my Ultimate Concealed pistol, the Lightweight, and the SuperLightweight.

These guns came from my desire to build "work" guns that weigh a bit less on the hip than the normal guns. If you are one of the few that ends up wearing a gun 14/16 hrs a day, a 40 oz. 1911 gets old. I ended up hurting my sciatic nerve from inside the pants holsters and a full weight Government model. At one time I carried Glaser Safety ammo because of the location I worked in. I noticed that even the change of loaded mag weight from 9 rds. of 230 gr. ammo to 9 rds. of 80 gr. ammo made a difference. Hence the idea for these guns.

If weight is a serious problem and long days are the norm I suggest building a gun on a lightweight frame; either Colt or the full size Springfield 45. Another option is a custom gun in 9x23 or 38 Super that holds ten rounds. The frame isn't the only thing that saves weight. I also have designed a proprietary slide that I have built for me by Caspian. It takes another few ounces off the guns. While it works best on the 9x23 and 38 Super it also makes extremely light Commander and Government model 45s.

The Lightweight is a combination of the light slide, and a steel frame. This gun will do it all. The SuperLightweight is the same light slide paired with an aluminum frame.

These gun designs are expensive and time consuming to build. They are also 100% reliable. My current carry gun is a Lightweight. They are built for the working professional who is looking for that bit of relief that you need from the long days but want the best gun design that you know of to protect you, a 1911.

If you recognize yourself in the above description feel free to give me a call. Your back will love you for it!

Both models are available in 38 Super, 9x23 and 45 in the full Government size. A Commander version is available in 38 Super and 45.

I am a very big advocate of the Winchester 9x23 cartridge. A 1911 that carries 11 rds of magnum cal. energy of either a 125 gr. bullet at 1450fps or a 147 gr bullet at 1400fps is a GREAT idea in my book. Ask if you are interested in more info.

  Lightweight SuperLightweight
Commander .45 30 ounces 23 ounces
Government .45 32 ounces 25 ounces
Government 9x23 / 38 34 ounces 28 ounces

All weights are approximate and depend on the exact components used.

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