Best Grade BCP

I truly believe that the spice of life is diversity. I also only have so much time in my life to be productive and the number of high quality guns that I will produce in my life time is limited. I am, if anything, an end user of high quality 1911s. A 1911 was not my first gun but it will most assuredly be my last. I value a good fighting handgun.

I started building guns in the early 1980's because I couldn't get a gun built in what I considered a reasonable time frame.

I would like to offer a list of pistolsmiths who all build exceptional guns in my opinion. Instead I might suggest you look at the Pistolsmith.Com forums and make up your own mind who is worth spending money with.


Heinie Specialty Products
301 Oak Street
Quincy, IL 62301
(217) 228-9500
(217) 228-9502 FAX

Krebs Gunsmithing, Inc.
940 Forest Edge Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
(847) 821-7763
(847) 821-7765 FAX

I use the above pistolsmiths as referrals to 1911 work similar to my own.

None of the above makers were asked to endorse my work NOR should it be implied that they do so by being listed here. I offer this referral only as a comparison and information for my customers.

While I am NOT a member, for other styles of pistol work I would direct you to the A.P.G. Although I am not familiar with the work of every member of the American Pistolsmith Guild, I believe you will find all of these ladies and gentlemen craftsmen and professional business people in their own right. I would look to their membership if I wanted pistol work done by someone other than myself.

American Pistolsmith Guild

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