A Note On Quality

Every gun I build is expected to meet my rigid demands for my personal carry gun. Whatever modifications you decide to do to your gun, I build it as if it were my personal choice. Because of this philosophy I use only the very best parts currently available and they are usually expensive (although McCormick parts are a new and rare exception). I guarantee my guns to work - period. If for any reason it does not perform to your satisfaction, I will fix it on a priority basis. My only two qualifiers are quality ammo and Wilson/Rogers magazines. They are 2/3 of the equation. Because of my quality standards your grandchildren will enjoy your pistol as much as you do.

My pistolsmith business is directed at serious people who carry their own guns for self defense. I only work on a few models: Colt 1911 single stack pistols, the Government Model and the Commander in size and the Glock series of pistols. There are many fine handguns on the market but I try to do the best work I can so I limit myself to these two gun styles.

The majority of my work is building custom 1911s. I also do Glock grip reductions. I am always happy to suggest other makers whom I trust if you have other handguns that need work. Feel free to email me any questions you might have at rdburns@cnw.com.

I focus on what I consider "serious work guns". I spent a number of years using a handgun as part of my every day life. I try to stay current in guns and design changes. I do that by shooting in IDPA and IPSC competition at a master level and by doing some teaching of self defense tactics (as a Wash. State Criminal Justice Training Commission Certified Instructor). I'm also a serious student of firearms and tactics myself. I have some pretty strong opinions on what does and does not make a good carry pistol. That doesn't mean I force those ideas on you though. I will be happy to share my ideas with you and discuss why I prefer to do things that way. I have also limited the list of modifications and accessories I offer because of my experience and customer feedback. You have to make up your own mind on what you need, after all, as you are the one paying the bill.

The parts and designs are constantly changing even in a specialty corner of the custom gun market. I don't jump on every new gimmick that comes along but I am always looking for better ways to build my guns and better products to use on them. As of today (11/23/98) two of the better new accessories that I have seen and liked very much are carbon fiber grips and Heinie's new "Slant Pro" sights. As of 07/26/01 the newest tool steel trigger systems and the new front strap textures are a big improvement over the past. Things change, not everyone has the time to keep up on the improvements. Please don't be afraid of asking what is new on what I consider state of the art carry guns.

You pay for the gun work but you also have paid for an opinion. Use what is valuable to you.


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