"ONE" Package

"I remember it as "ONE" who goes in harm's way. No matter, it is just a simple mental reminder you better do it right the first time...there are no "overs" or time outs in this game.

You get the idea, "ONE" is a serious gun, for a serious user.

This package is based on the customer's "Kimber Classic", either in carbon steel or stainless.

Click here for information on the use of a Shok-Buff and the use of the "slingshot" technique.

$1600 complete on your gun with 1, 8 round Wilson mag. Your parts are always returned.

$1700 - High polish blue with matte rounds (carbon steel only)
$1800 - Full hard chrome finish (stainless or carbon steel)
$1800 - Full Black T finish (stainless or carbon steel and 90 day waits)

+ $40 for a GI recoil system.
+ $125 for an ambidextrous safety.
+ $250 for checkering @ any LPI.
+ $300 for a match grade heavy bull barrel or a match grade GI style BarSto stainless match barrel.

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