Kimber High Performance Package

This package has been discontinued.


Kimber High Performance in the flesh.

Kimber, Wilson Combat, and McCormick frames and slides are the same, differing only cosmetically. They are all produced on the same line at Jericho's plant. I build pistols on lots of different components including Les Baer and Colt, and the Kimber is the BEST deal out there for a starting gun to tailor to your specifications.

The reason I recommend the Jericho and Kimber lines so much is their tight tolerances and the innovative new spec on the parts made by the MEM process. The Kimber guns in particular are a exceptional buy and make some of the very best in custom guns. If you want uncompromising quality, like Heinie sights or a different style beavertail from the Kimber offering, the other Jericho OEM suppliers probably have the part that we can use to build your dream gun. It never hurts to ask what is available.

Click here for information on the use of a Shok-Buff and the use of the "slingshot" technique.

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