Kimber FED Package

This package has been discontinued.

Kimber Fed Package

This package has been the accumulative efforts of myself and a group of Federal LEOs. The basis of the thought process behind this gun was to take a Kimber (the gun we all agreed was the best production gun on the market) and modify it per their requirements for a carry gun. These guns were to be based off the FBI contract for SWAT guns but with our own subtle rewriting of the specs to accommodate all of our own prejudices.

A couple of things happened when you have the operators writing their own specs instead of the administrative folks. First, the guns are less expensive. These guns are bought with a working man's money and they wanted the very best self defense gun with NO frills, but with every thing that was needed. There are NO compromises in quality, reliability or durability. It is my great pleasure to offer this gun to my customers.

Typical of true professionals, they don't need to take credit for their design work. They know who they are. Thanks guys!

This Package is based on a "Kimber Custom" either carbon steel/blue or stainless.

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