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This package has been discontinued.

Grey Ghost Pistol

Grey Ghost Pistol Target

Grey Ghost muzzle

Grey Ghost muzzle showing deeply protected rifling. Click to enlarge.
The "Grey Ghost" Horse Pistol

Col. John S. Mosby was know as the "Grey Ghost" during the Civil War. He was the first to use effective guerilla tactics on a large scale against the Union in the Civil War. Hated by the North and a hero in the South. He used fast horses, multiple pistols and good tactics to become very effective waging war. With no judgement on the morality of the situation a 150 years ago, I find his tactics and reputation of honor, daring and quick and violent retribution admirable.

I like the name "Grey Ghost" and the idea of Colonel's audacity and tactics better than I can tolerate another gun called "tactical". I have seen anything from a five shot mini gun, to a DBL wide $4000 comp gun labeled the ultimate fighting gun. There is always a butt for every saddle they say. :-) But some of this is marketing baloney invented by gun writers! I think Mosby could relate to that!

I am a simple kind of guy and for that matter a simple and basic kind of pistolsmith. :-)

So the idea of Mosby and the gun coincide in my mind. Tough and more than able to get the job done and fade back into the shadows when it's all over. Besides the darn gun is GREY!

Marketing fantasy? Simple facts?

This gun will be spec'd out on my web page ASAP, as has been my custom in the past.

But this gun is different. It is very subtle. It is amazingly effective for its intended use. Ken Hackathorn T&E'd the first gun a year ago. He and Rob Haught, together, shot that particular pistol many times 'till it was too hot to hold in the hand. Its performance and accuracy were unaffected. Past ForceRecon Marine, and currently a LE trainer, Tracy Ertle, just HAD to have that first gun. He currently uses it as his everyday carry gun. Nice compliment, subtle but telling.

If you are interested in the parts list and reasoning behind the gun, give me a phone call! I will be happy to discuss the particulars with you. But if you are an astute observer it is easy to see there is currently nothing else quite like it on the market.

But, back to what is the new on the "Grey Ghost" pistol...

It's based only on a Kimber Custom Classic platform. There are many unique things about this gun, some of which you can see from the pictures. Of course it is 100% reliable and in 45ACP. The gun blends stainless, chrome moly, titanium, hard chrome and carbon fiber materials. It is a 5" Govt model that weighs less than a standard 5" Kimber but has no plastic or aluminum parts (other than a trigger pad) or any loss in strength from shaving weight. It does have significant advantages in accuracy, and durability.

Weight of the GG is 2 pounds 3.7 oz. The weight of an identical "ultimate carry" package from my shop built on a 1991 Colt is 2 lbs 4.5 oz on a US Postal scale. But there is a BIG difference in performance, starting with a heavy cone barrel!

It is the ultimate in reliability and current technical advances in a 1911.

Mosby would have a set of five or six is my guess. After all it is THE modern horse pistol! He was an attorney, so don't you all fret on the cost. :-)




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