Glock Frame Work

Glock with frame reduction. Lines highlight areas that have been modified. Photo by Kinson Yee.

Glocks are great guns! I don't think they're up to the shootability of a good 1911 but then again 1911s don't carry 17 rds or shoot 9mm or 40 S&W very well. There are a number of things that I find admirable about Glocks. The only two things I really don't like are the issue sights and the grip shapes.

I think Heinie has designed the best sights available for the Glocks either the stand by regular sight or the new "Slant Pro" with or with out the "Straight Eight" night inserts. That solves one problem and I can happily do it for you.

The next problem is grip size. I can make the frames "feel" and point differently and shave some off the grip size. It is not a enormous amount but it is noticeable and helpful. The smaller your hand the more you'll notice it. Take a look at some of the Glock testimonials or call me if you have questions.

The two most popular modifications are cutting down the grips to the next smaller model. A G21 cut to take G30 mags or a G22 cut to take G23 mags both make very nice and easily concealable carry guns.

New You can read more of my thoughts on Glock modifications here.

WARNING: All modifications void your Glock USA warranty and are done at your own risk.

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