In the last year I have tried out a number of the new wonder finishes. The black and green finishes along with comparable silver finishes by ANY supplier are still not up to the durability, in my opinion, of hard chrome or nickel. They wear slightly better than normal blueing. They do give substantial rust protection over normal blueing. In extremely harsh envioronments, they offer superior rust protection over hard chrome, and are almost as good as nickel.

Remember, I don't plate anything myself and I offer the service as a convience for my customers. I am giving you my opinion after seeing hundreds of guns done by all the different commercial platers on the market. My suggestion of over 17 years of seeing the effects of wear and tear on guns, my own usually, is stick to hard chrome if you can live with a bright gun. If not the dark epoxy based finishes get better and better every year.

Hard chrome is the most durable finish, but due to the nature of the plating process, it does not cover 100% of the surface of the still have to watch for rust in bad climates.

Black T covers 100% of the gun and wears better than blue with no rust problems. It does not wear as well as nickel or hard chrome. Think of it as black epoxy paint. After some use it can start to look battered.

Blued finishes rust in harsh climates and with poor care. On the other hand, it is pretty and even a worn blue job doesn't look all that bad.

Please realize that finishes are time consuming and out of my control as they are done by a 3rd party.

Hard chrome plate frame $100
Hard chrome or nickel plate entire gun $200
Blue entire gun $100
Blue slide $50
NP3 entire gun* $275
Black T entire gun* $200

* Allow at least 9 weeks on NP3 and Black T finishes.

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