BCP Cancellation Policy

The standard cancellation fee on any custom gun work at BCP is 10% of the originally contracted project. If you purchase a pistol through my FFL dealership you own the gun at the time of your payment and the delivery of the gun. I have first right of refusal to refund the original purchase price on the gun or return it to you (at my option and you will not be charged a 10% fee for that gun purchase) but you will be liable for the full 10% fee of the original project costs. There are no exceptions to this refund policy for any reason including BCP delivery times. I work very hard at delivering guns in a timely manner. But I am a one man shop with all the pluses and minuses of that situation. Commissioning a gun with BCP will be a rewarding experience as long as you realize the situation from the beginning and are willing to wait for a truly exceptional pistol.

This quote is from "A Note On Timeliness":

"You didn't search me out to get it done cheap or fast. If you did, you have the wrong pistolsmith. You will get from me the very best 1911 I can build. That takes a fair amount of money and a serious investment in my time as well as yours. The results of your patience will be fully rewarded by my end product. I guarantee it. Customer satisfaction, period."

Dane Burns

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