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Being a one man shop, I get fixated on things and miss the obvious sometimes. :-)

I have had the good fortune to have had the spare time in the past and now currently have customers willing to commission and pay me for the time and effort involved in building "best grade" guns.

There are a few who will pay lip service to a "best grade" gun. The term comes for the English gun makers of Birmingham and London. The firearms, usually rifles, are hand built and finished to a degree seldom seen today. A few of those manufacturing houses are still in business. Purdey, Westley Richards and Holland and Holland are still in England and build the very best of sporting firearms. Many others have gone out of business when the builders retired or died. Others have sold and moved to America, like Rigby. Now the best grade gun tradition is carried out in America by the likes of Griffin and Howe, Mike Kizler, Steve Heilman, D'Arcy Echols, Darwin Hensley, Maurice Ottmar and the pair of David Miller and Curt Crum to list a few. All of them build long guns to your specifications. Some say the best long guns *ever* produced. I would agree.

It is easy to associate your name with these builders. All it takes is writing down the litany of names. Producing work at their level is a totally different story. There are less than a hand full 1911 builders doing this level pistol on a consistent basis in my opinion. There are no production gun that compare in either rifle or hand gun.

When someone like myself stands up and says he builds a "best grade" gun I put my reputation at stake and issue a challenge to all the other pistolsmiths currently working. I take pride in my work, I have a great deal of ego investment in these "best grade" guns by saying there are none finer. This is following the tradition of the early Colt National match guns of the 1930s', pistolsmiths like Armand Swenson, Craig Wetstein, Dick Heinie and Mark Krebs. The best grade guns of any generation are few and far between. I have been lucky enough to own several of the British rifle makers works and several of the pistolsmith's pieces I have listed.

A best grade gun is first, 100% reliable. It is built specifically for the customer. Then the attention to detail, metal work and fit and finish, is SIMPLY, perfect. One detail alone is not enough. It is a combination of all that make the best grade gun. The one thing missing still is the desire of the maker to produce only the very best. It is not an economic desire, nor is it customer satisfaction, all though both are a part of that drive for me. The final ingredient to produce the "best grade " gun is the desire to produce the best 1911 ever made with each additional project commissioned. That is my personal definition of the "best grade".

I don't shoot a best grade gun. I aspire to at some point in the future but I do not now.

These guns are not for everyone nor is there a need for one. A BCP best grade pistol is a "want" item. It is a "want" to possess the very best. My satisfaction at the moment for "best grade" comes from a few very nice rifles and my fetish with a fine a watch. Those I can buy. Time I can not buy. My time is too expensive to build my own best grade gun. The satisfaction at the moment comes from building them and sharing the efforts of my labor. I build any number of guns that are less expensive and shoot just as well. Never assume a FED won't do anything a best grade gun will. Bad assumption. :-)

No corners are cut and only the very best parts are used on the best grade gun. Neither my time or the price is an object when I set about building a best grade gun.

I own my Great Grand Father's guns. They are now over 100 years old. I build my guns to last twice that long. All of them. The "best grade" guns will never be mistaken for anything else, even generations from now they will stand out in any collection of fine firearms. Selected BCP pistols have already been judged with that distinction.

These guns are based on hand selected frames and slides. The list below is the basic specifications where these projects start.

Also included are *SIX*, 8 round Wilson mags with low profile mags and a BCP/Alessi holster of your choice.

Total price is $3950 delivered to your FFL. Delivery time is dependant on project specifics.

Master level engraving, custom cases, and stunning elephant ivory is also available through the other craftsmen I work with at an additional cost. Custom holster design and production is available from Lou Alessi at Alessi Leather while your handgun is being built.

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