Grey Ghost muzzle

Grey Ghost muzzle showing deeply protected rifling. Click to enlarge.

Look through any parts catalog and you will find more barrel makers than you would have thought possible. The quality and durability of your barrel are what you will notice most about your gun in the long run. Bar-Sto barrels have been in more bullseye, military match, and (until lately) more IPSC guns than all other makes combined. The reason is simple: They are the very best. Like anyone with a superior product, they often have a long backlog, so if you want one be prepared to wait. Lack of availability and the cost are why some other smiths have jobbed out their barrels. There are a few other barrels I will install that will shoot as good as the Bar-Sto, but given the choice for my own gun, I would choose the original stainless match Bar-Sto.

Bar-Sto match barrel $300
Bar-Sto ramped barrel & cut frame to fit $450
Install match bushing $55
Cut barrel flush with bushing and recrown $50

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