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Dane Dane

Dane conducting training with Benton County Sheriff's Department.

If you are reading this, I assume that you are looking for a reliable, quality, fighting hand gun. That is what I strive to build in my shop. Typically I build 5" 1911 single stack guns. That consumes about 95% of my shop time.

But I don't spend 95% of my time in the shop (but it is getting closer much to my chagrin). The reason that I think I build a better gun is that I still use them and spend a great deal of time with folks that either have a need for a good gun or are learning to use their own guns better.

I am active in IDPA and USPSA. I shoot the guns I build, carry guns to be exact. A 9x23 STI in USPSA and single stacks of several different calibers in IDPA. Both arenas are hard on guns and gear.

I think what's more important to you as my handgun customer than the competition involvement, is that I am currently on staff at Rangemaster in Memphis, Tenn. and have been a staff instructor for Firearms Academy of Seattle, near Centralia, Wa. I specialize in a few areas of self defense instruction: search, low light, and non-lethal physical confrontations. Most of my course content is based on my own experiences (over 2000 searches and arrests). I have also been a guest instructor at several other nationally known schools.

The end result to all of this is that I build the best guns I know how, meant to be used in the "real" world, where you may just bet your life on my work.

Myself and many others in law enforcement and the private sector have already done just that and we continue to do so. I build a gun that you can rely upon, and in the future your children and grandchildren should also have that faith in your Burns Custom pistol, when you pass it on to them.

I also have no doubt that the 1911 is the very BEST handgun design available to take to a fight and will continue to be, long into the next century.

Dane Burns

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