9x23 Winchester Reloading Information

Ok, I'm about to spill my guts on reloading the 9x23 as I know it. First off I only use small rifle primers. I use Winchester because I don't want really hard cups like Remington bench rest. You won't blow the case but you can blow primers. This is a high pressure case! I only use WINCHESTER 9x23 cases. Some of mine are FOUR years old and dozens of reloads.

Don't blame me if I make a writing error here in charges or you ain't using small rifle primers. PRIMERS are the weak link with this cartridge's horsepower.

I normally use Barsto barrels in my 9x23 guns. I have found a number of bullets that work well for me. See the load data table below for some specific accuracy results. The Speer bullets in 9mm are good, and the .357 Sig bullet excellent. However, the XTP is by far the most accurate in my barrels. UNDER 2" at 50 yds! The Zero jacketed round nose are close.

In my opinion, WSF and some of the Vihtavouri powders are the best out there for the 9x23. HS 6/7 aren't bad either. Any of the newer 38 Super powders that make major are perfect for 9x23.

Comments from Tim Bacus about 9x23 powders:
With the loss of WAP I would suggest that VV 3N37 or N-350 would be excellent powders for full power 9X23 loads. Both are very clean burning and extremely consistent. Since we are talking about non comp guns I would give the edge to 3N37 as it is slightly faster and requires slightly less powder than 350 does. I am currently using 3N37 for my full power carry loads in my 38 Super, using 7.6gr for about 1350fps. In a 9X23 case 8gr should put you a little over 1400fps with a 124gr bullet. I know IPSC shooters who have taken 3N37 as high as 8.6 without problems so you should have plenty of room to work with. Also, at least in my loads, I find 3N37 to have very little flash. Hope this helps. -Tim Bacus

There is a problem with the chambers that are out there! Colt uses a very loose chamber. Only Colt knows what reamer they are using. Neither the CP or the Nowlin reamer is perfect. Both need more free bore than they should have for best reliability and accuracy. Cylmer is cutting me a new reamer just for the 9x23 to address this issue. A couple of nationally noted pistolsmiths have suggested 9x23 is just fine in a 38 Super chamber. It works but it ain't "just fine". Chamber the gun to the CORRECT cartridge if you're gonna use it.

Factory ammo:
Winchester has two superb rounds out, Silvertips and a soft point. Both are very accurate, and the white box soft point can be had cheap. CP has a limited factory offering of 3 or 4 loads. I haven't kept track of everything John is doing. CCI has the 9mm Largo for a light practice round. That's it. So it ain't much.

For further 9x23 reloading information:
CP's phone number is 215-953-7264, talk to John Ricco. He knows his shit about 9x23, after all, Winchester tried to steal it from HIM. He thanks them for his new indoor range and his retirement. :-)

Winchester's "Reloading Component Catalog" free for the asking has 9x23 info in it. Not much but some. I bet the folks at *Powder Valley* can steer us in the right direction for that little jewel. It also covers the 45 pretty well for the WW powders.

115gr light loads are easily made with hot 9mm data. WW 231, WSL and a host of others work just fine I bet. I have only used WSL.

Table of Load Data

These were all fired from a 5" match barrel, 1.25" oal or LONGER. 10 shot groups @ 25 yds.

Powder Charge (gr) Bullet (gr) Vel (FPS) Group (in) Comment
HS7 10.2 125 JRN 1449 2.46  
W540 9.6 125 JRN 1458 2.51  
HS6 9.4 125 JRN 1464 1.53  
WAP 8.9 125 JRN 1447 0.98  
VV3n37 9.0 125 JRN 1452 1.10  
VVN350 8.8 125 JRN 1448 1.44  
WAP 7.5 135 Zero   0.75 My IDPA Load
WAP 6.3 125 JRN   1.10  
WAP 6.5 135 LRN   1.00 My lead practice load. Oregon Trail bullet.
WSL 5.0 115 JRN 1157 1.22 Light load. Win XTP bullet.
WSL 5.0 115 JRN 1144 0.75 Light load. Win JRN.

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