Comments on 9x23 and IPSC

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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 12:20:48 -0800 (PST)
From: "R. Dane Burns"
To: Mtrclass
Subject: Re: 9x23 (fwd)

I am a gunsmith, but I think a major caliber (9x23) 11 rd 1911 gun makes a lot of sense. Extended mags are not a resonable alternative for street use IMO. I think the guns are now safe with the Win brass and so does SAMMI. I really do not give a DAMN about USPSA or World's opinion on what is ok or not by the rules. The rules are suppose to further our sport. I do not see how defining research via our rules is helping our sport or the industry in general.

.357 Magnum is legal, 357 Sig should be legal, and so should 9x23. What is the problem? Everybody builds a new gun when there is something better, so what? That was supposed to be the idea, reseach and testing. We are a major market player for the gun industry. Remember when 38 Super was dead? Then Chip and Rob had better ideas.

It is our organization. We can change what we want. I think a single stack 5" 9x23 is a better idea and I would like to see it fly. I hate shooting open just to make major, which I do often enough along with a group of others. I do not want to change guns, I want to be fairly treated by MY organization.

Dane Burns

BC Pistols

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Mtrclass wrote:

> I also started competing back in the days when 9 Major (loaded short?) was
> still legal. I have used it, without weapon or ammo failure, in a Glock, a
> P-9, and in 1911's. And with bullets as light as 115gr FMJ's.
> As regards the use of 9mm bore cartridge's for major in
> limited...................WHY?
> I don't see a problem with it, nor do I see an advantage to it. If it was made
> legal everyone would build a gun for it and we would be back to even again.
> The gunsmith's should be in favor of it (selling new gun's) but
> otherwise???????????
> Bob

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