Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 19:28:51 -0800
From: Jim Higginbotham
To: "R. Dane Burns"
Subject: 9 X 23

Hey Amigo;

Hope things are going well up there. I saw Marty's post on taking Black Tails with his 6 X 45 so I hope you are getting in some hunting also.

I have only been able to get out two days so far (wich is about par for the course with me) but I have managed, along with my 14 year old son, to accumulate some cases.

1: Shot a small (dressed 110 lbs) 8 point buck with the Winchester 125 JSP factory load. Penetration was approximately 10" (slight angle, stopped under the hide on the off side) with only ribs hit. The bullet is not a classic mushroom - few really are - but it stayed point on and expande to .51" and retained weight was 121 gr (some of that is meat). It did not lose its jacked. Hole in the lungs was about thumb size. Took the deer about 15 to 20 seconds after the shot to expire (He was already down from a rifle shot to the neck).

2. Went to a place yesterday where the farmer guaranteed us a shot. We didn't get one so I shot his pig :-). Actually he has several which were diseased and he need one shot so I agreed. This critter was about 100 pounds or so (feeder pig) and I shot him with a Gold Dot (124 9mm - not the one for the .357 Sig). Went in throught the shoulder but missed the bone, and went through to the off shoulder where it stopped inside the upper leg bone. This critter looked pretty healthy to me (I don't know how they tell they are infected with some sort of virus) and was quite active. He went down almost instantly but he was hardly out of action and he took quite a while to expire. I wanted to shoot him in the head but the guys there said not to. This bullet went 10 inches also (would have likely gone another inch or two if it had not hit the bone - but it did not damage the bone.) This bulle is far from classic but it did stay point on. It expanded back to the little Gold Dot but lost most of its frontal part. It is basically .415" with a couple of small "pedals" sticking out and it is quite mangled. It still weighs 110 gr. (but I suspect about 10 grains is meat). The hole in the lungs was about 1" and the hole in most of the muscle I cut across to get the bullet was about 1/2".

For comparison, my son shot a 175 lbs (dressed weight) buck at 125 yards with a .308 using Hirtenberger 150 JSP Nato Match ammo. The buck was at a 45 degree angle and the bullet went about 18" (stopped under the skin on the off side). Expansion was to about .52" and retained weight was about 130 gr. The bullet passed through the close shoulder and then left 7 X 9" hole in the meat over the ribcage! There was a 3" hole through the ribs themselves and a 3 X4" hole in the lungs and liver. Exit through the chest wall was about 1". There was also a 3/4" exit in the off side skin (which we first assumed was the bullet exit until we found it) which apparently was made by a piece of bone. This deer went 50 yards and dropped. A smaller buck shot in the same place the same day by a friend who I had sold some of the ammo to traveled over 400 yards (go figure).

Just subjectively, the 9 X 23 performance was about on par with a .45 ball round, except that of course ball exits a good portion of the time.

We also shot a deer with a 165 Gold Dot in .40 but we couldn't find the bullet even though it did not exit. Hole in the lungs was about 1". My son shot this one and I could see him jolt at the hit.

Also recovered a couple of 150 gr. Remington Pointed Soft Points (not Core Lokts) from deer shot with a 30-06. Penetration was only about 6" but the spine was hit in each case. Recovered weights are 70 & 95 grains expansion is about .65"


Jim Higginbotham

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