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"New cartridges are about as common as promises in a political campaign - and usually about as effective. But occasionally there comes a ballistic inovation that, combined with the right firearm, promises true usefulness rather than mere marketablility - the 9 X 23 might just be such an innovation."
- Jim Higginbotham

"The 9x23 has the ability to be to the future what the .38 Super was to the 1920s. Both have a flat trajectory, high velocity and, now, adequate bullet design-the 38 Super lacks the higher velocity of the 9x23mm but they both share the same Winchester Silvertip 9mm bullets. Both lack a wide choice of bullet configurations. If the ammo companies get interested in this updated version of a long 9mm, the potential is there for an excellent small game and personal defense round. Both round are only hindered by the need for a large frame semi auto to handle them"
- Walter Rauch

Since the original conversations about the implementation of the 10 rd magazine ban I have been searching for the very best 9mm size rd for the 1911 gun platform. With a long history in IPSC I have been through the generations of major 9mm and major 38 Super rounds. There have been whole generations of 9mm major cartridge combinations for the 1911. Col. Cooper did an early version by chopping off 223 brass and shooting at major, the "Super Cooper". There have been 9x19s loaded short to major and the 9x21, the 356 TSW, 38 Super at major and the new brood of 9mm Supercomp and 38 Supercomp and finally the John Ricco version that came before the super comps: CP 9x23 and it's stolen twin, Winchester 9x23.

Winchester 9x23 is the best of the bunch. That is what all the hoopla is about. I have written many different pieces about the round. Some are here just for general interst and review. Others are here for specific info. This section of the web site is a bit of a mess at the moment but I get so many requests for info on the 9x23 I hope this helps a bit.

Walt Rauch's article on one of my guns and Duane Thomas' article on another are included to give you a idea on what others think.

I will try to include most of the past magazine articles written on 9x23 in the near future. Look for new articles in "Peterson's Handguns" and the "American Handgunner".

I think the more you research this round the more you will be impressed with it. When folks like Walt Rauch, Ken Hackathorn, Ed Brown, Mike Bane and the US Special Ops Command are all interested in the same thing and think it's a BETTER idea it bears looking into.

The 9x23 is worth keeping track of. Things keep getting better for a round that should have died after being still born and being marketed by a company (Winchester in this case) that has never seen the full potenial of the round.

Where is the potenial? It's in your carry gun. A 11 rd 1911 with the power of the very hottest 357 magnum.

Welcome to the 9x23 libary. If you have info you think should be here feel free to call or email me with your ideas.

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